Without False Claims About The Risk of Concealed Handgun Permit Holders, The Left [sic] Has Nothing

Source: Town Hall
John R Lott, Jr. & Carl Moody

“New York is one of seven ‘May-Issue’ states where officials can turn down carry permit requests for any reason (or no reason) at all. The [US Supreme] Court is considering replacing this discretionary process with objective ‘Shall-Issue’ rules. That way, people can get a permit as long as they reach a certain age, have no criminal background, pay the fees, and complete any required training. Since 1976, 18 states eliminated ‘proper cause’ requirements, and gun control advocates have consistently predicted disaster. But in state after state, concealed handgun permit holders have proved to be extremely law-abiding, and Right-to-Carry states have never even held a legislative hearing to consider moving back to ‘proper cause.'” (11/11/21)