“Legacy American” is the latest catchphrase in the racist lexicon

Source: The Hill
by Tom Mockaitis

“Conservatives have long ridiculed liberals for their ‘political correctness,’ characterizing it as a deliberate avoidance of unpleasant truths to promote extreme left ideology. For decades they have railed against gender-neutral pronouns, identity politics, ‘wokeness,’ trigger warnings and cancel culture. Despite these protestations, however, the far-right has developed its own lexicon for discussing race, a set of buzz words and catchphrases that make bigotry sound more respectable. … Nowhere has coded language been used more effectively to hide the truth than in the far right’s effort to promote its narrow vision of American identity. Extremist groups, unaffiliated individuals and even mainstream politicians insist that the United States is a white Christian nation. Rather than openly vilify minorities, however, they employ euphemisms to make racism sound less offensive.” (11/11/21)