Palestine: US Regime Doesn’t Need Israeli Occupiers’ Permission to Open Consulate in Jerusalem, Shtayyeh says

Source: Hamodia [Israel]

“The United States ‘does not need Israel’s permission’ to reopen its consulate for Palestinians in Yerushalayim, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh argued Wednesday, calling on Washington to impose sanctions against settlements and curb its administration’s deficit. President Joe Biden had pledged in recent months to reopen the consulate for Palestinians in Yerushalayim, closed under former President Donald Trump. The Palestinians want to make east Yerushalayim the capital of the state they aspire to have, while Israel has decreed the city ‘one and indivisible.’ Over the weekend, Israel categorically opposed the reopening of a U.S. Consulate in Yerushalayim to the Palestinians. Instead, Israel suggested that the U.S. open one in Ramallah, the current headquarters of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.” [editor’s note: Palestine is not a hypothetical future state, it is an existing state recognized by the majority of UN member states – TLK] (11/11/21)