Cancel culture is not the answer to anti-Semitism

Source: spiked
by Sabine Beppler-Spahl

“German journalist Nemi El-Hassan once had a promising TV career ahead of her. She was even about to start hosting a well-known science programme. But then her employer, the broadcaster WDR, pulled the plug. And just like that, her career was brought to a standstill. In early September German tabloid Bild revealed that in 2014 El-Hassan had attended an Al-Quds Day march in Berlin. The annual march was banned for the first time earlier this year, partly because of its connection to the Iranian-backed Hezbollah group. Some Jewish and pro-Israel groups consider the marches, which protest the establishment of Israel, to be inherently anti-Semitic. Bild also revealed that El-Hassan had ‘liked’ the Instagram posts of several organisations that support a cultural boycott of Israel. … El-Hassan’s dismissal is a classic case of cancel culture.” (11/11/21)