Rittenhouse trial: Judge snaps at prosecutor as defense requests mistrial

Source: Yahoo! News

“The Kenosha County judge presiding over Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial clashed with the lead prosecutor several times during the teenager’s cross examination on Wednesday, while defense attorneys requested a mistrial alleging prosecutorial misconduct. … The defense objected to [prosecutor Thomas] Binger’s questions about Rittenhouse’s decision to remain silent about the shootings until taking the witness stand Wednesday, arguing that this line of inquiry infringed on Rittenhouse’s Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate himself. While Binger said he was making the case that Rittenhouse had tailored his testimony based on what other witnesses had said before him, Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder appeared to agree with the defense, ordering the jury out of the room before rebuking the prosecutor. Later on in the cross-examination, Schroeder also admonished Binger for attempting to question Rittenhouse about evidence that the judge had previously deemed inadmissible.” (11/10/21)