Free Markets Are the Best and Fastest Way to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Source: Reason
by Ronald Bailey

“Markets are already playing a clear role in cleaning up the environment. And, generally speaking, the more free market a country is, the cleaner its environment is. A freer market also means that a country’s carbon emissions are already falling. C3 Solutions’ Director of Public Policy Nick Loris made this clear in his report, ‘Free Economies are Clean Economies.’ Loris used data from the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom that ranks 180 countries on a 100-point scale evaluating measures such as how well they protect property rights, government size, regulatory efficiency, and openness of their markets. … Loris then compared these economic freedom rankings with Yale University’s Environmental Performance Index, which ranks 180 countries on a 100-point scale, judging their performance with respect to air and water pollution, biodiversity, agriculture, and climate change. Loris found that the correlation between economic freedom and cleaner natural environments is robust.” (11/09/21)