For Want of Trucks, Christmas May be Lost for Many American Families

Source: Independent Institute
by Craig Eyermann

“Have you gone shopping lately? Have you begun noticing empty shelves in the places you shop? To many, that will sound like a replay of the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Except today’s empty shelves aren’t because Americans are panic buying things like toilet paper or cleaning supplies. That’s so 2020. No, the cause of today’s empty shelves is very different. In 2021, Americans are not demanding more goods. The goods are not being stocked on American store shelves. They are not being trucked to the stores from local warehouses. They are not being distributed to local warehouses from distribution centers. They are not being transported by train or truck to distribution centers. They are not being loaded onto trains or trucks at California’s major seaports. They are not even being unloaded off the container ships at the seaports.” (11/09/21)