The War We’ve Lived and the Birth of the New

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Jeffrey A Tucker

“No trying on clothing. No sampling perfume. A full-time employee stood at the entrance to enforce mask wearing (‘Keep that mask over your nose!’). It was all part of ‘virus control,’ which became a mystical liturgy that governed life for 20-some months after darkness fell in the Spring of 2020. These signs and symbols of mass panic are gradually going away …. The people who did this to the world are still clinging to the hope that they can make a dignified walk back from the disasters they created. That seems to be the major point of the vaccine mandate domestically and for foreigners traveling in. … we transitioning from the Covid kabuki dance to a system of overt segregation of the clean vs the unclean, a situation we’ve encountered before during the most morally egregious episodes in modern history.” (11/09/21)