Survey: Covid-19 Misinformation [sic] Has Spread as Quickly as the Virus

Source: Common Dreams

“Helped along by right-wing news outlets and social media, misinformation [sic] about the Covid-19 pandemic has spread far and wide according to new polling, with a large majority of Americans reporting they believed at least one false [sic] statement about the public health crisis and one-third saying they were unsure about the veracity of several statements … The statements presented included: ‘The government is exaggerating the number of Covid-19 deaths,’ ‘Deaths due to Covid-19 vaccines are being intentionally hidden by the government,’ ‘Ivermectin is a safe and effective treatment for Covid-19,’ ‘The Covid-19 vaccines have been shown to cause infertility,’ and ‘The Covid-19 vaccines contain a microchip.'” (11/08/21)