Climate action by dictate? Or democracy?

Source: Christian Science Monitor
by staff

“One pleasant surprise at this month’s global climate talks in Scotland was India’s commitment to achieve net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2070. Yet the pledge by the world’s largest democracy came 10 years after one made by China, a dictatorship that also set a more ambitious date of 2060 to achieve neutrality, or 10 years earlier than India’s. Still, the pledges by the world’s two most populous nations have brought up another comparison, one critical to achieving global climate targets: Which type of government, a top-down authoritarian one or a consensus-building democracy, will succeed in curbing emissions faster and better?” [editor’s note: Nice to see the Monitor is still aware of this distinction (though calling it “democracy” is a misnomer); wish more of MSM were – SAT] (11/08/21)