China Has Overplayed the Outrage Card

Source: The Atlantic
by Chris Horton

“In Chinese-speaking communities beyond the reach of Beijing’s censorship regime, the song ‘Fragile’ has been an unexpected hit. … its lyrics mocking Chinese Communist Party rhetoric about Taiwan while also taking aim at Xi Jinping and Chinese censors. In parts, the Mandarin Chinese duet portrays Taiwan as an object of unwanted overtures that simply wants to get along with a hypersensitive and aggressive Beijing. Its chorus goes full it’s-not-you-it’s-me: ‘Sorry I’m so strong-minded / The truth always upsets you / Maybe I shouldn’t be so blunt / I’m so sorry / I’ve angered you again.’ The song, by the Malaysian rapper Namewee and the Australian singer Kimberley Chen, seems to have hit all the right notes for those tiring of a perpetually offended and angry China — and resulted in the scrubbing of the duo’s Chinese social-media accounts.” (11/09/21)