Some Light Is Being Shed on the Dubious Origins of the Russia Collusion Scandal

by Ted Galen Carpenter

“Revelations coming out of Durham’s investigation are not yet sufficient to confirm the thesis that the Russia collusion charges were nothing more than a partisan smear cynically aided and abetted by the FBI and the intelligence apparatus. We must wait and see what else emerges from the ongoing inquiry before reaching such a definitive conclusion about pervasive legal violations. However, the information that intrepid investigative reporters, especially Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi, presented over the years already have debunked nearly all of the allegations made against Trump and his campaign. If the Durham investigation now documents that the accusations were orchestrated fabrications, it will confirm that some very powerful agencies and their leaders, past and present, pose a serious threat to the health of America’s democratic political system.” (11/09/21)