We Made The Rainbow Boring

Source: The American Conservative
by Matt Purple

“[H]ow did diversity become so boring? How did one of the most interesting facts of life — that we’re all different, that humanity comes in many shades and variations — end up as the kind of H.R. PowerPoint seminar that everyone at the company sleeps through? One reason is that [critical race theory] by design is meant to conceal. The objects of wokeness — an allegiance to identity groups, a modern racial hierarchy …. are so radical as to be non-starters for much of the country. Many of these assumptions are also racist in and of themselves, which risks driving people away (warning about the dangers of ‘white culture’ sounds an awful lot like the sort of bigoted pseudo-social science we’ve all been conditioned to reject). Wokeness gets around this by cloaking itself in jargon. It hides its audacity behind terms that sound at once both harmless and indecipherable.” (06/11/21)