Poland: Regime clarifies abortion law after protests over mother’s death

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Poland has reminded doctors that abortions are legal in some cases after the country’s strict laws on the practice were linked to a pregnant women’s death. The guidance was issued on Sunday, a day after mass protests over the death. The 30-year-old woman died of sepsis 22 weeks into her pregnancy, which had complications. Her family say life-saving care was delayed because doctors feared breaking Poland’s restrictive abortion laws. A controversial court ruling last year imposed a near-total ban on abortion in Poland. Abortion is now permitted only in cases of rape or incest or when pregnancy threatens a mother’s health or life. On Sunday, Poland’s health ministry clarified the latest legal regulations and medical recommendations on abortion in response to the mother’s death. The guidance says if a mother’s life or health is at risk, doctors ‘must not be afraid of making obvious decisions’ about abortions.” (11/08/21)