Report: Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Have Larger Presence at COP26 Than Any Single Country

Source: Common Dreams

“A coalition of watchdog groups estimated Monday that fossil fuel industry representatives have a larger presence at COP26 than officials from any single country, a finding that further intensified environmentalists’ concerns about the legitimacy of the high-stakes climate summit. … the coalition led by Global Witness published an analysis showing that at least 503 fossil fuel lobbyists have been admitted to the summit in Glasgow, Scotland. That means the oil and gas industry (the principal driver of the crisis that COP26 was ostensibly convened to tackle) unofficially has a bigger delegation at the conference than Brazil, which has the largest national presence at COP26 with 479 representatives.” [editor’s note: Doncha love how they are so irate about this, but don’t care how many of their activists take private jet planes to and from what should be a Zoom conference? – SAT] (11/08/21)