Ending of a Needle Exchange Program Shows How Government is Addicted to Failure

Source: Independent Institute
by Abigail R Hall Blanco

“In 2015 Scott County, Indiana made headlines for all the wrong reasons. With a population of fewer than 10,000 people, the county was the center of an HIV outbreak of more than 230 cases. Most of those infected were individuals who engaged in intravenous drug use. Recognizing the public health emergency, officials acted and implemented a needle exchange program. … Providing clean syringes and a safe means of disposal decreases the likelihood that people will reuse or share needles. But these programs have other benefits as well. In addition to reducing infection risk, needle service programs can also serve to get drug users into recovery. They can be an important step toward addiction and recovery. So what did officials do? They canceled the program, of course.” (06/10/21)