The Frances Haugen Insurgency

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Laurie Calhoun

“Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen has taken the world by storm by stealing and sharing reams of company communications in which the social media giant’s cavalier attitudes toward a range of behaviors among its users are revealed. She compares what she regards as ‘the Facebook problem’ with earlier corporate revelations in history which led to legislation regulating tobacco and automobile use, and she emphasizes that children are specifically at risk from the company’s policies. The disgruntled former employee also alleges that Facebook products — in particular, Instagram — harm young women by promoting unhealthy and unrealistic body images. Despite the vagueness and generality of these complaints, Haugen is being hailed as a ‘whistleblower’ by everyone who agrees with her ideological and political perspective, which is as plain as day: textbook neoliberal, big government, pro-Democratic Party.” (11/08/21)