The “civil discourse” becomes less and less civil

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“The new phase (campaign) of the COVID War is just one of the ways in which the social and political scene in the States and around the world have been ramping up. COVID is definitely a problem, with its masking, vaccine, and recurring lockdown issues and mandates. But we also have the Parents-versus-Schools battle, exemplified by the very nasty Virginia governor’s race. On the issue of climate change, we see the proponents of massive reaction to global warming ripping each other apart, even while damning the climate deniers and climate sceptics. The screams of racism, white supremacy, and insane wokeness during election campaigns is not ending with the elections themselves: there seems to hardly be an opportunity to catch a breath as they move immediately into the 2022 campaign season. It is daunting, and worrying, on many levels.” (11/07/21)