Palestine: Israeli occupation regime tries to dictate where US regime gets to put its mission to Palestinian regime

Source: NBC 4 New York

“The Palestinians on Sunday slammed Israel for rejecting the promised reopening of the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem, a move that would restore Washington’s main diplomatic mission for the Palestinians in the contested city. … The Trump administration shuttered the U.S. Jerusalem consulate, an office that for years served as the de facto embassy to the Palestinians. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has pledged to reopen it, a move that Israel says would challenge its sovereignty [sic] over the city. … the Palestinian Foreign Ministry said it views the reopening of the consulate as part of the international community’s commitments to ending Israel’s decades-long occupation of territories the Palestinians seek for their future [sic] state.” [editor’s note: The State of Palestine is not a “future state.” It exists, it is recognized by most UN member states, and it is a UN observer state – TLK] (11/07/21)