Federal judge says she’ll rule “expeditiously” on Trump’s BS executive privilege claim

Source: CBS News

“A federal judge said Thursday she would rule ‘expeditiously’ on whether former President Donald Trump can keep certain records from his tenure in the White House out of the hands of the House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Attorneys representing Mr. Trump, the House of Representatives and the National Archives argued in federal court Thursday over the House select committee’s requests for the records held by the National Archives and Records Administration that pertain to the Capitol riot. … President Biden has already rejected his predecessor’s claim of executive privilege and permitted the National Archives, which holds the records, to comply with the House committee’s request for the documents.” [editor’s note: Trump, not being the executive, has no standing to invoke “executive privilege” even if there was any justification for the concept (there isn’t) – TLK] (11/04/21)