The Petulant Campaign Against Eric Kaufmann

Source: Quillette
by Noah Carl

“Sir Roger Scruton — the prodigious conservative philosopher — once noted of his time at Birkbeck that it was ‘traditionally a left-wing place, haunted by the fear that somewhere, somehow, a conservative might have infiltrated the corridors.’ Though he added that ‘the students were terrific because they were all grown up.’ One suspects that if Scruton were still alive, he’d reconsider his opinion of the students. On May 19th, a Twitter account called ‘Birkbeck Students Anti-Racist Network’ posted a long thread denouncing one of the academics at that institution, the political scientist Eric Kaufmann. In typical self-righteous fashion, the thread begins, ‘Kaufmann is a politics professor & former head of that department at Birkbeck … We want to publicly denounce him as a white supremacist and racist apologist.'” (05/23/21)