UK: Biden, Johnson sign “revitalized” Atlantic Charter

Source: Fox News

“President Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday signed a ‘revitalized’ Atlantic Charter reaffirming their commitment to work together to counter the efforts of those who seek to undermine democratic alliances and institutions. The two signed the new charter, modeled after the 1941 agreement, after a bilateral meeting, which senior Biden administration officials said was focused on ‘shared values’ and global challenges, including counterterrorism, Afghanistan, evolving challenges in the Indo-Pacific, Middle East and Russia. The last Atlantic Charter was signed 80 years ago, officials said, noting that the new charter would ‘make clear’ the U.S.'[s] and the U.K.’s ‘common values and aspirations.’ Senior Biden administration officials said the charter is ‘a profound statement of purpose’ and of ‘democracy’ at a moment ‘when democracies are very much in competition in showing the world who can deliver for people.'” (06/10/21)