Are Crazed Commies Running American Corporations?

Source: Common Dreams
by Carl Rhodes

“For a previous generation it would be unimaginable. The chief executives of America’s largest corporations are being publicly vilified for their politics. This time it’s not anti-globalisation protestors or Occupy Wall Streeters of the past who’ve got beef. The captains of industry are being condemned for being part of a ‘neo-Marxist consensus.’ They are embroiled in ‘corporate-run communism,’ active and willing to ‘do the bidding of the far left.’ Those who fear this C-suite red peril are taking decisive action! Citizens of the North Carolina’s Surry County were so affronted by the Coca-Cola company’s political position on voting laws that local government officials banned Coke vending machines in their offices. Surely that will teach those carbonated commie rabble rousers. No wonder Coke’s logo is red!” (06/10/21)