A Note from the Publisher

Hey, everyone …

We’re back! Our new URL:


Friday was a disaster (as those of you who received the daily email already know). Entirely my fault — I decided to do some site maintenance Thursday night instead of waiting for the weekend, and managed to destroy the site in a seemingly undoable (or at least not easily/quickly undoable) way.

One result: After about 20 years, I decided to move our web hosting. Our previous host was quite good, but — again, entirely my fault — our hosting space had turned into a cluttered, resource-hogging mess that I despaired of ever really getting straightened out. So I nuked it and started fresh.

The site isn’t completely built yet, and it’s always possible that kinks will pop up and need working out, but we did get from “dead in the water” back to “going concern” with only one daily edition destroyed, so there’s that. Among the immediate improvements are that HTTPS finally works (I struggled with that for years at the previous host) and that automatic posting to several social media networks is restored (one reason I embarked on the disastrous site maintenance session in the first place).

Speaking of new URLs, yes, we’re still a reader-supported publication, and hopefully you’re still a reader!


Thanks for bearing with us, and have a great day!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
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