We must fight hate speech with more speech

Source: spiked
by Andrew Tettenborn

“According to the Daily Telegraph, the UK government is planning to treat ‘hate preachers’ who do not have direct links to terrorism as ‘a priority threat.’ Under the proposed new guidance, authorities will reportedly monitor and disrupt those they deem to be promoting ‘fear and division’ in the UK. This will entail targeting groups or individuals handing out ‘extremist’ material on the street, or making radical speeches in public, and could even lead to what is being called an ‘Al Capone approach’ — that is, pursuing individuals for offences unrelated to their so-called hate preaching, such as mortgage fraud or tax evasion. … If freedom of speech and freedom of assembly mean anything they must apply to everybody, no matter what we might think of their views and beliefs.” (06/10/21)