Stinky Stuff Happens, but How Do We Prepare?

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Joakim Book

“A list of pandemic-specific plans, in place since the mid-2000s, includes: Homeland Security National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza, a DoD Implementation Plan, a Department of Health and Human Services Influenza Plan, issued in four different editions from 2006 to as late as 2017 (The CDC-Homeland plan is over 200 pages long, with detailed emergency plans and step-by-step activities). If you think these are too many, too decentralized and too uncoordinated, America’s bureaucrats had a plan for that too: a FEMA-run Federal Interagency Operational Plan: ‘The Federal Interagency Operational Plans (FIOPs) describe how the federal government aligns resources and delivers core capabilities to implement the five National Planning Frameworks.’ A less cynical person than me would conclude that planning doesn’t work and that government bureaucrats involved in it are fooling themselves and others, at best creating a false sense of security.” (06/09/21)