Leave smokers alone

Source: spiked
by Tim Dawson

“The busybodies at Oxfordshire County Council have revealed their plans to stop smoking in certain outside areas. Other councils — including Newcastle, the City of Manchester and North Tyneside — are reportedly following suit. The plans will apply to offices as well as cafes, pubs and bars. Such moves represent a direct attack on our freedoms — another invasion by the state into our day-to-day lives. This is all particularly galling because this metamorphosis of our political culture – away from choice and freedom towards even higher levels of control — is happening under a prime minister, Boris Johnson, whose instinct, we were told, was to stand up to the nanny state. Instead, we’ve had proposals at various levels of government to shrink the size of pizzas, ban the promotion of sugary treats before 9pm, and now this.” (06/08/21)