Between friends, are there cracks in the cold war consensus?

Source: Responsible Statecraft
by James Carden

“The Blob has decreed and thus it should be so: The new cold war requires the American president to show ‘strength’ and ‘resolve’ in the face of the Russian strongman. And maybe it does. But in light of the other item on Mr. Biden’s European agenda, that of the G7 meeting in Cornwall, England, that will precede the U.S.-Russia summit, it may be worth pondering whether the underlying assumptions with regard to Russian malfeasance and how to deal with it, is shared by our closest allies. After all, Mr. Biden and his team have long stated that they plan to take a conciliatory approach to make up for what was often said to be Trump’s bullying of America’s closest friends and allies. Biden and Co. have made it clear that they plan to treat European concerns with the seriousness and respect they deserve.” (06/09/21)