US Senate passes bill to fund boondoggles “because China”

Source: The Hill

“The Senate passed sweeping legislation aimed at combating China’s competitiveness on Tuesday, after Democrats agreed to punt the bill into June in the face of GOP slow-walking. … The measure now goes to the House where it faces uncertain prospects, as lawmakers there have offered their own measure. There’s talk of trying to drop part of it into an eventual infrastructure package. … The bill builds off a Schumer proposal with Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.) to provide $120 billion for activities at the National Science Foundation, Department of Commerce, the Department of Energy and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It would also create a new directorate of technology and innovation at the National Science Foundation. … the legislation provides $52 billion for semiconductor provisions, folds in a separate China-specific bill that passed out of the Foreign Relations Committee in a 21-1 vote and includes provisions cracking down on the reliance of Chinese companies and technology.” (06/08/21)