The Inevitable Optimism of Matt McCall, Part 1

Source: American Consequences
by Laura Greaver

“A blue-collar chip on his shoulder, he says the coming 10 years will be the greatest decade EVER in financial history … And has the stocks to back it up. Matt McCall’s got something to prove; a mile-a-minute talker oozing charisma and a magnetic personality, Matt is a passionate self-made entrepreneur, whose big-gains track record and penchant for teaching and helping investors just landed him with Stansberry Research. I recently sat down with Matt to find out what’s behind his insatiable drive. Matt grew up poor in a very small town outside Philadelphia, next to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His whole family worked for Bethlehem Steel — Matt’s father, grandfather, and uncles. And for much of the 20th century, Bethlehem Steel was one of the world’s largest steel-producing and shipbuilding companies, a Dow 30 stock, a powerful symbol of American industrial manufacturing leadership. Until it wasn’t.” (10/14/21)