Don’t Commit To Defense Of Taiwan

Source: The American Conservative
by Ivan Eland

“Some allege that Taiwan is strategic to the United States, because in any war with China it would be like having a giant aircraft carrier off the coast of our adversary or because the offshore island is near important trading routes. … Of course, if the Chinese had the use of bases on Cuba, off the U.S. coast, the United States would not stand for it — as the Cuban Missile Crisis with the Soviet Union during the Cold War showed. As for America protecting sea lanes for trade, China depends heavily on international commerce for economic prosperity and has little incentive to restrict such trade, thus raising the hackles of the entire world. More important, Taiwan’s value as a base in any U.S. military dust-up with a nuclear-armed China pales in comparison with the role a U.S. defense of the island could play as a cause of that potentially cataclysmic war in the first place.” (10/14/21)