Protesting More Panic Porn

Source: Cafe Hayek
by Don Boudreaux

“During today’s 7:00am EDT broadcast (heard on WTOP radio in Washington, DC), your anchor reported — in the now-ubiquitous ominous tone — that the number of children admitted, with Covid, to hospitals since the arrival of the Delta variant ‘has increased five-fold.’ This figure, alas, was presented without context. So allow me to serve as your unpaid research intern by providing such context. Hospital admissions of Americans with Covid ages 0-17 were indeed approximately five times higher in mid-September 2021 than in mid-July 2021. Sounds terrifying! But the terror fades when we discover that the absolute number of such hospital admissions went, during this two-month period, from just over 70 to just shy of 400.” (10/13/21)