Economic Woes: Biden Blames Trump. Trump Blames Biden. They’re Both Right.

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“[W]here actual policy is concerned — on COVID-19, on trade, on the economy, on Afghanistan (the one bright spot), on travel and immigration — Biden has thrown himself with gusto into serving Trump’s second term. After four years of trade wars and 18 months of trashing various sectors of the economy in the name of ‘fighting COVID-19,’ all while cranking up the fiat currency printing press and handing out fat stacks of money to all comers, the US government has attracted a flock of chickens home to roost their tailfeathers over the American economy. Not real chickens, mind you. Poultry is in such short supply that WingStop has re-branded itself as ThighStop ‘to combat the volatility of chicken wing pricing.’ … In my January 19 column, I predicted that the Biden administration would be ‘business as usual, as usual.’ I was wrong. It’s business as usual on steroids.” (10/13/21)