Logjam at busiest UK commercial port adds to Christmas fears

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“A logjam at the U.K.’s busiest commercial port ratcheted up concerns Wednesday that the country could see shortages during the crucial Christmas holiday period, including of toys and food. Worries have mounted over recent weeks that the U.K.’s economic recovery is being hobbled by widespread shortages, which have been most clearly seen in long lines at gas stations and some empty shelves at supermarkets. The disruption is clearly visible at the east England port of Felixstowe, the U.K.’s largest commercial port. A bottleneck of containers at the port, which deals with 36% of U.K. freight container volumes, has been blamed on a shortage of drivers. The buildup of cargo has prompted shipping company Maersk to divert some of its biggest vessels away from U.K. ports to others in Europe, where it uses smaller vessels to get the deliveries to the U.K.” (10/13/21)