Biden Promised Criminal Justice Reform, But Still Hasn’t Repealed One of Trump’s Worst Policies

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Hannah Cox

“Tonya Smith and her husband, Dimitrios Patlias …. were stopped by police and forced to exit their car. Smith, who was 34 weeks pregnant at the time, was placed in handcuffs along with her husband as cops searched their car with dogs. … Ultimately, nothing illegal was found in the vehicle and they were allowed to leave with just a warning citation for crossing into another lane — but not before cops robbed them of the gift cards, an iPhone, and the $10,478 cash in their possession. … In 2017, under the Trump administration, the Department of Justice struck a blow to [asset forfeiture reform] efforts, implementing a ruling that essentially says police can seize property from people not charged with a crime — even in states where that practice has been banned. To date, that ruling is still in effect. Recently, former Congressman Justin Amash pointed out that the Biden administration has yet to take action to reverse this ruling.” (06/08/21)