US airlines defy Texas order to stop mandatory COVID-19 jabs

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Two major US airlines have said they will not comply with an order from the Texas governor that bans companies from enforcing Covid-19 vaccinations. American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, which are both based in Texas, will still require all their employees to get the jabs. Last month, President Joe Biden said that staff of large companies must get vaccinated or face weekly testing. But Texas Governor Greg Abbott said vaccinations should ‘remain voluntary.’ On Tuesday, Mr Abbott, who is a strong opponent of making Covid-19 jabs mandatory, issued an executive order banning all organisations, including private companies, from enforcing vaccinations in the state. But American and Southwest Airlines have said they will stick with the federal order [sic] made by the president.” [editor’s note: Biden’s order didn’t bind the airlines. It just required OSHA to make a rule. Which OSHA hasn’t done – TLK] (10/13/21)