The Restaurant-to-Cannabis Pipeline

Source: The American Prospect
by Lizzie Tribone

“When Garrett Levis used to show up to his former job at a restaurant in Upper Michigan during the pandemic, he would have to mentally prepare himself for difficult and hostile encounters with customers. ‘I constantly had to fight with guests about wearing their masks and following guidelines,’ he said. The verbal abuse he experienced took a serious toll on his mental health. Levis, like many other restaurant workers, was given what a 2021 UC Berkeley Food Labor Research Center report defines as the ‘impossible task’ of ‘policing the customers who directly subsidize their wages.’ Meanwhile, the ‘essential’ labor of restaurant workers did not translate into higher pay or better working conditions; in fact, given customer anger, conditions had grown worse. Now, as restaurants fill with customers again, many service workers have decided to move on. … Where are they headed next? Many have settled on a different industry entirely: cannabis.” (10/13/21)