Means Testing: Inhumane, Divisive, and Very Bad Politics

Source: Common Dreams
by Richard Eskow

“It’s ‘popularism’ week in the commentariat, as pundits across the ideological spectrum discuss recent remarks by pollster David Shor. This problematic and imprecise term reflects a way of thinking about politics that is poised to reshape the Build Back Better debate, and other debates yet to come. That’s potentially disastrous. Shor has written and spoken extensively on the need for Democrats to back away from talking about unpopular ideas and listen more to pollsters like … well, like David Shor. Ezra Klein covered his ideas well, but the headline for his piece gets it wrong. Shor isn’t ‘telling Democrats what they don’t want to hear.’ Shor’s words are music to the ears of Democratic centrists.” (10/13/21)