The Incredible Shrinking Dollar

Source: American Consequences
by Trish Regan

“$12.95 for an order of kids’ pancakes?! Recently, I was out to breakfast with my family at a local diner, when I was shocked to see some of the inflated prices on the menu. This same set of silver-dollar pancakes cost $6.95 when I visited this place three months ago. This was a brand-new menu, complete with inflated prices. And this diner isn’t the only place in town raising prices … Everywhere you go now, you should expect to pay more. I’ve warned of this since last summer… And now all the data is piling up — the Federal Reserve’s measurement of inflation just posted its highest increase in 30 years. Meanwhile, according to the Consumer Price Index, prices on consumer products have risen more than 5% for the past four months straight. And I anticipate, judging by the 8.3% increase in producer prices, they’ll soon go even higher.” (10/13/21)