No, House of Commons Committee, the UK Did Not Lock Down Too Late. It Should Never Have Locked Down At All.

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Toby Young

“[T]here’s no reason to believe that locking down earlier would have reduced the final death toll at all, let alone by half. … the Czech Republic locked down on March 16th, imposed hard border controls and rolled out the first national mask mandate in Europe. Yet it had a second surge in the Autumn of 2020, prompting it to lockdown again, and then an even bigger one in December, leading to a third lockdown. Cases surged again in Czechia in February and March of this year and, as of last March, it had the second-highest per capita Covid death toll in the world, according to Reuters. More damning still is the comparison with Sweden, which didn’t lock down at all in 2020 and, as of today, is ranked 50th in Worldometers’ table ranking countries according to per capita deaths. The U.K., by contrast, is ranked 25th.” (10/12/21)