Is the Biden administration afraid of trade?

Source: The Hill
by Dan Pearson

“The Biden administration has an international trade problem. It really doesn’t want to deal with trade issues, yet those pesky irritations just keep knocking at the door and demanding attention. Rather than addressing them by seeking market-opening solutions that benefit both buyers and sellers, the administration looks very much like it wants to run and hide — as if it’s afraid of trade. Trade barriers hurt the economies of countries that use them. Costs to users are substantially greater than benefits to producers, so the overall economy suffers a loss. Our country ends up poorer. This reality has guided presidents of both parties to seek reduced trade barriers around the world, starting with FDR’s presidency in the 1930s and continuing up until 2017. The Biden administration gives every indication of intending to continue the anti-trade policies of President Donald Trump.” (10/12/21)