“Better than VEEP”: Internet goes crazy over Kamala Harris space video using child actors

Source: Fox News

“The internet erupted this week over the report that child actors appeared in the first video of a YouTube series with Vice President Kamala Harris called ‘Get Curious with Vice President Harris.’ The video, released last week, showed Harris talking to a group of children about her love of science, excitement over being able to see moon craters through a telescope and the importance of having big dreams. She was widely mocked for her mannerisms throughout the video, which showed her acting overly animated with wide-eyed enthusiasm as she talked with the children. Following the release of the video, it was revealed that the children auditioned for the series when one child actor told a local news affiliate he submitted a monologue and was interviewed for his role.” [editor’s note: And, as Scott Adams noted today, there is not a single Caucasian BOY visible among the child actors chosen – SAT] [additional editor’s note: And as I noted today, who gives a shit? – TLK] (10/12/21)