The US Has Become a Tax Haven for the Vile and the Vicious

Source: Common Dreams
by Sam Pizzigati

“We’ve become accustomed, over recent decades, to see Americans front and center whenever a blockbuster new report spotlights the world’s super rich. Last month, for instance, Bloomberg reporters tracked down the world’s 25 richest families. Ten of the 25 happened to come from the United States. No other nation had more than four. Researchers from Wealth-X released new data last month as well. Their eighth annual Billionaire Census counted 3,204 personal fortunes of at least 10 digits worldwide. Leading the way: the United States of America, with 927 such fortunes, more than Germany, Russia, the UK, Hong Kong, Switzerland, India, Saudi Arabia, France, and Italy combined. A bit earlier this year, the Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse published the 2021 edition of its annual Global Wealth Report, tallying up 215,030 adults on the international scene with fortunes worth over $50 million. Americans made up 110,850 — 55 percent — of that total.” (10/12/21)