No, Anti-Trust Laws Are Not the Answer to Blackrock Buying Up Residential Homes

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Tom Mullen

“With an honest monetary system, it would not be profitable for any firm, no matter how big, to buy houses at prices well above their market value. Doing so would make the firm poorer over time and those it bought the house from richer — precisely the opposite result of the big firm ‘owning everything’ and the common folk ‘owning nothing.’ But even with our present monetary system, under which real estate prices are bid up to absurd levels during inflation-infused bubbles, there are inevitable busts. When those occur, any firm that acquired substantial real estate holdings at inflated prices should go bankrupt, its assets turned over to new owners in bankruptcy court. However, for the past several decades, this market result has increasingly been overridden by ‘too big to fail’ bailouts.” (10/12/21)