Canada: Regime to move against far-right groups after Muslim family attack

Source: Reuters

“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday promised to take more action to dismantle far-right groups after a hate-motivated attack that killed four members of a Muslim family in the city of London, Ontario. ‘This was a terrorist attack, motivated by hatred, in the heart of one of our communities,’ Trudeau said in the House of Commons after observing a moment of silence. The family, killed on Sunday when a pickup truck jumped the curb and ran them over, were deliberately targeted because of their religion, Canadian police said. ‘We’ll continue to fight hate online and offline … (including) taking more action to dismantle far-right hate groups, like we did with the Proud Boys by adding them to Canada’s terror listing,’ said Trudeau, who was due to attend a vigil outside the London Muslim Mosque for the victims later on Tuesday.” (06/08/21)