The Hague: Bolsonaro accused of “crimes against humanity” for Amazon deforestation

Source: CBS News

“Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was accused on Tuesday of ‘crimes against humanity’ at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for his alleged role in the destruction of the Amazon, the first case seeking to explicitly link deforestation to loss of life. Planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions from burning and industrial-scale agriculture in the Amazon are higher than the total annual emissions of Italy or Spain. Deforestation in the region already releases more CO2 than the rest of the Amazon can absorb. AllRise, an environmental law organization, filed the official complaint at The Hague-based court Tuesday morning. They asked for legal proceedings against Bolsonaro and his administration for actions ‘directly connected to the negative impacts of climate change around the world.’ The complaint accuses the Brazilian leader of waging a widespread campaign resulting in the murder of environmental defenders and of endangering the global population through emissions caused by deforestation.” (10/12/21)