Take-Off Time For Solidarity

Source: The American Conservative
by Sohrab Ahmari

“Our nation has lately drawn not a few apt comparisons with the Soviet regime, what with the national securitization of dissent, the pervasive censorship, the ongoing war against America’s own history, the creepy ideologies sweeping classrooms from kindergarten to college, all cheered on by a Pravda-like corporate press. … Well, now we may perhaps be witnessing the first glimmers of our own Gdansk shipyard strike, the labor uprising that prepared the way for regime collapse in Communist Poland: a transport workers’ rebellion, still of indeterminate size, against corporate-enforced Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Southwest Airlines was forced to cancel more than 1,800 flights over the weekend. … The difficulty in obtaining reliable information on what’s afoot is itself a symptom of a Soviet-esque regime …” (10/12/21)