China: “Frozen Chosin” Movie Set to Be Biggest Box-Office Hit of 2021


“The war epic ‘The Battle at Lake Changjin’ has been a massive hit in China in just its first 10 days of release, grossing $633.2 million on its way to a projected final tally of $830 million. That achievement would make it the world’s biggest movie in 2021, just based on its receipts in China. … American military history portrays the battle and the defense by troops nicknamed the ‘Frozen Chosin’ as a heroic tale of survival against incredibly long odds as U.S.-led forces successfully retreat to the port of Hungnam. That’s not the perspective offered by ‘The Battle at Lake Changjin.’ The three-hour epic portrays a brave “volunteer” fighting force who face the allegedly invincible American Army and its ruthless leader, Gen. Douglas MacArthur. The film ends with a flag-waving celebration as Chinese forces celebrate the withdrawal.” (10/11/21)