The Preventable Horrors of the Pandemic and the Short Case for Open Research

Source: Common Dreams
by Dean Baker & Arjun Jayadev

“The Covid 19 pandemic is once again at an inflection point — with cases now falling sharply in most of the world. The current pandemic may be coming under control, but after millions of preventable deaths, this is very far from a success story and it is as good a time as any to take a hard look at our failings, especially with regard to our management of knowledge. Across the world, the number of Covid infections are declining: the United States numbers are finally falling after the Delta variant sent it soaring in the late summer; India, perhaps the hardest hit country in the world where cases peaked at more than 400,000 a day in early May, is now reporting just over 20,000 cases daily, the equivalent of 5,000 a day in the United States. Similar declines can be seen in countries around the world.” (10/11/21)