Will parliamentary democracy survive Covid?

Source: spiked
by David McGrogan

“Whisper it, but the Covid crisis seems to be over in Britain. The doomsday scenarios of surging hospital admissions have once again failed to materialise. You need only take a walk around your local shopping centre to see that the overwhelming preference of the population — except in certain sections of the haute bourgeoisie — is for a return to normal. What’s more, the UK has somehow emerged from the dark tunnel of lockdown to find most of our civil liberties restored. … But our apparent good luck should not lull us into thinking that the world of 2021 is the same as that of 2019. The relationship between citizens and the state changed fundamentally in 2020. While daily life now feels very close to what it was like before Covid hit, the power of the executive branch of government has expanded enormously.” (10/11/21)